About me!

I'm Daniel Baychev and I'll help you choose your next arcade stick!

creator of bestarcadesticks.comHey,
my name is Daniel Baychev and I’m from a small country in Europe – Bulgaria. Here there are not a lot of
arcades, especially when I was growing up. Thus the arcade stick did not exist for me, nor was it even
in my vocabulary!
However that did not stop my love for fighting games. I grew up playing a ton of games on my PS2, but my
favorite games were always Tekken, Street Fighter and SoulCalibur! The reason for that was, I always invited friends
over to share the experience of fighting in a game!
This little life story slowly formed my passion towards Fighting games, especially Tekken! When I got
more into browsing the internet and seeing other people play, I noticed they were using arcade sticks
and that immediately struck me!
A week after I got my first arcade stick, which was the Mayflash F300 and I chose that one only because
I can’t exactly afford a better one, unfortunately!
I hope my readers won’t have this faith and can afford something that they will be happy to show off and
be a proud owner!

I want to give a special thanks to: Plamen Bojanov and u/HushMySweet who helped me with the content!